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FS209 cameo Alexander I - cr


Cameo Portrait of Tsar Alexander I

Russian, circa 1815 Shell, within a gold mount, 3.4cm high This cameo can be compared to a French medal by Bertrand Andrieu dated 1814 commemorating the T...

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IMG_4257 - r


Portrait Tsar Alexander I

Miniature portrait, circa 1800 Oval, framed, visble opening 7.1cm by 4.9cm

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FS162 open - r


Thomas Wheeler, Miniature portrait of young Baron CM, 1835

In black coat and waistcoat, white shirt with black bow and buttons, and a gold chain Signed and dated T.Wheeler 1835 In the original gold locket, the lid...

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FS237 min - r


Elena Alexandrovna Cantacuzène

Russian horn and gold box with the portrait of Elena Alexandrovna Cantacuzène Circular, gold interior, the portrait on ivory The inside of the cover engrave...

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FS159 - 2019-11-30 11.05.52


Antique photograph of Grand Duke Vladimir Alexandrovich in a silver-gilt fr...

Russian silver-gilt frame with original photograph of Grand Duke Vladimir Alexandrovich (1847-1909). The frame by Samuel Arnd, St. Petersburg, circa 1880. T...

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FS286 - r


Sophie Dorothea von Württemberg

Sophie Marie Dorothea Auguste Luise von Württemberg Wearing the sash of the order of St. Catherine and a garland of ivy leaves in her hair. Miniature por...

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FS204 min.portr.Elisaveta Alexeevna


Elizabeth Alexeevna – Елизавета Алексеевна, Empress of Russia

Oval, 6cm x 4.5cm, in a paste set frame Elizabeth Alexeevna (1779-1826) was born Princess Louise of Baden, a daughter of Charles Louis, Hereditary Prince of ...

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FS234 Rockstuhl 1862 - r


Rockstuhl, Portrait of a lady

Portrait of a lady in white dress trimmed with turquoise By Alois Gustav Rockstuhl H 6.5cm Signed and dated 1862, set in a gilt-mount within velvet case, h...

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FS206-1 Elena Pavlovna, after Voille-sm


Grand Duchess Elena Pavlovna – Елена Павловна

Oval, on board, 20cm x 15.5cm After the portrait by Jean Louis Voille With old Russian handwritten label on the back “Grand Duchess Elena Pavlovna / Origi...

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Anna Pavlovna of Russia, Queen of the Netherlands

Miniature portrait of Grand Duchess Anna Pavlovna of Russia, Queen of the Netherlands Signed Meuret On ivory, oval, 6.5cm by 5.1cm Anna Pavlovna of Rus...

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